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Wellbeing consultant providing leadership coaching, wellbeing workshops, inspiring talks and webinars for personal and professional growth. 

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We help businesses to prioritise their people. By putting your people first you can create a culture that allows your business to thrive. Our coaching and training equips your leaders and teams with the skills they need to take control of their wellbeing.     

Leadership Coaching

Unlock your leadership potential. Our coaching empowers leaders on how to priotise their own wellbeing while equipping them with strategies to priotise their team’s wellbeing.

Workshops & TRAINING

Transform your workplace with our workshops and training. We offer stress management, change management and wellbeing training to enhance your team’s performance and resilience.


Katie is a leading voice in wellbeing, stress management and burnout. Bring her expertise to your audience through engaging talks and corporate webinars. 


Tailored wellbeing and culture change solutions for your business. Let’s create a personalised course to address your unique needs and goals. 

Katie Maycock - Wellbeing Consultant


Hey, I'm Katie!

At GYST, we know that success of your business is inseparable from the wellbeing of your people.

We believe that success isn’t just about the bottom line – it’s about creating a workplace culture that prioritises the mental, emotional and physical health of every team member.

By integrating people-centric initiatives into your business strategy, we help you build a thriving, resilient workforce that’s ready to tackle any challenge and achieve sustained success. We’re no nonsense changemakers! 

Katie is a prominent business wellbeing consultant and strategist and a sought-after speaker on stress and burnout, dedicated to empowering businesses and their leaders. With a substantial following of over 27,000 on LinkedIn, Katie is a trusted expert in the field of corporate wellbeing.

Not sure where to start? We get it, but we’re here to help. We offer consultancy and 1-2-1 support which is bespoke to your needs. Let’s start things off with a chat. 

Real Talk

no bullsh*t

Meet our no-nonsense wellbeing maven, a powerhouse public speaker with an unapologetic approach to cutting through the noise. Elevate your event with her influential insights and book a talk that sparks real change. No fluff, just impact.

Featured workshops

Here’s a flavor of training and workshops we offer. But, all of our training is personalised for your needs. 

Stress Management Training for Leaders
Stress Management Training for leaders

Level-up your leadership game with our stress management training. Giving leaders no-nonsense tools to deal with their own & teams stress.

Stress Management Training for Teams
Stress Management for teams

Boost your team’s performance with our stress-busting training – we’re providing practical tools to sidestep burnout and pinpoint stress indicators in your crew. Let’s turn your team into stress-handling pros!

High Performer & Sales Stress Management Training

Empower high-performance sales professionals with our resilience-boosting training – strategic tools to navigate burnout and spot stress signals. Transform your sales team into stress-resilient experts!

Advice To Help You Change Your Life

Check out our published articles on dealing with stress, burnout and learn how to put your wellbeing first.

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