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Delivering empowering talks on stress management, burnout, change management and wellbeing; online and in person.

Transformative Talks:

Leading voice in wellbeing and culture change

For businesses or teams seeking impactful talks, webinars, or in-depth workshops tailored to specific wellbeing, culture, or mental health topics. 

Why Choose Talks, Webinars, or Workshops?

Perfect for businesses keen on sparking real transformations within their teams and, in turn, boosting their overall success.

A one-hour talk is the ideal spark for crucial conversations about well-being and culture, laying the groundwork for meaningful change.

How Does it Roll?

We kick things off with a straightforward chat to get your goals and our support straight.

Our talks, webinars, and workshops are all about you – tailored to fit your business like a glove. We dig into what matters most to you.

Once we’re on the same page, we’ll lock in a time, a date, and dive into the journey toward positive change!

Key topics

Burnout Breakdown: Unveiling the 6 Stages in 60 Minutes

Dive into Burnout 101: Get the real lowdown in 60 minutes. Cut through the fluff, understand the stages, spot the signs, and equip your team to kick burnout to the curb. Straight talk for a stress-free squad!

Fueling the body and the mind to build resilience

GYSTing the Essentials: In a power-packed hour, your team will unravel the crucial link between diet, exercise, and sleep in building resilience and taming stress. No fluff – just practical insights on fueling the body, crafting a stress-busting workout routine, and securing quality sleep. This talk sparks discussion, prompts actionable takeaways, and leaves your team committed to personal wellness goals. Get ready for an hour that transforms habits!

Embracing pressure (minus the stress)

Stress: Friend or Foe? Let’s cut through the confusion in this talk. We break down the thin line between pressure and stress, unveil how to thrive under pressure, and dodge the stress trap. Your team will leave with a clear understanding, equipped to sidestep stress and build daily habits fostering a healthy relationship with pressure. No-nonsense insights for a stress-free success journey!

Need something a little more bespoke?

At GYST, we’re all about creating lasting impact. Enter our bespoke solution – tailored live talks, webinars, and microlearning video programs crafted exclusively for your business. One-size-fits-all? No way.

We’ll dive into your needs, conduct surveys, spend time with your team, and craft 3-6-12 month well-being content covering everything from physical health to mindset and leadership training.

Micro learning is our secret sauce for maximum retention. Ready for meaningful, long-term change? Reach out to us.

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