Elevate your sales team’s success with our resilience-boosting training – providing strategic tools to thrive under pressure, make better decisions, and navigate overwhelming situations. Let’s transform your sales force into stress-resilient achievers!


Welcome to our resilience-boosting training for high performers and sales teams – where we cut the fluff and focus on empowering your team to excel under pressure. At GYST, we’re all about turning your sales force into stress-resilient champions.

What We're Dishing Out

Resilience Real Talk:

  • Cut through pressure vs. stress confusion.
  • Navigate the stages of burnout like a pro.


Warning Signs 101:

  • No-nonsense guide to spotting burnout signals.
  • Tactical hacks for daily stress defense.


Strategic Resilience:

  • Equip your team with strategic stress management techniques.
  • Power them up to face challenges without succumbing to stress.

Course overview

Here’s a flavor of what you can expect from our stress management course for teams;

Decoding Sales Pressure

 Objective: Equip your sales team with a profound understanding of the unique stressors they face. 


  • Understand the impact of stress on decision-making.

  • Identify key stressors in sales.

  • Acknowledge the link between stress and sales performance.

The results go way beyond mere recognition, offering a full-on understanding of how stress plays a role in decision-making. It’s about giving your team the tools to skillfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of sales challenges with heightened awareness and effectiveness.

Strategies for High-Pressure Success

Objective: Provide practical tools for working effectively under pressure in the sales domain.


  • Develop strategies for maintaining composure under stress.

  • Learn techniques for making informed decisions in high-pressure situations.

  • Cultivate resilience to navigate overwhelming moments.

This module is a game-changing stride in crafting a sales team that doesn’t just grasp the dynamics of stress but flourishes in high-pressure scenarios. It’s about cultivating an environment where optimal performance becomes second nature, even in the most challenging situations.

Emotional Resilience in Sales

Objective: Strengthen your team’s ability to manage their emotions effectively, ensuring peak performance even in high-stress situations.


  • Understand the Impact of Stress on Emotions

  • Apply Tailored Emotional Management Techniques for Sales: 

  • Build Confidence in Emotionally-Charged Sales Environments

Consider this module as the key to ensuring your sales team isn’t just clued into the emotional dynamics at play but is also armed with the skills to navigate them masterfully. It’s all about adding finesse to their approach, ultimately contributing to their overall success in building lasting relationships and sealing the deal.

 Daily Habits for Stress-Free Selling

Objective: Provide your sales team with practical daily habits that contribute to stress reduction, ensuring consistent high performance in their roles.


  • Cultivate Stress-Reducing Daily Habits

  • Implement Effective Stress Management Techniques

  • Foster Resilience in Daily Sales Activities 

This module goes beyond arming your sales team with theoretical knowledge. It’s about empowering them to proactively handle stress every day, paving the way for consistent high performance and long-term success in the dynamic and competitive sales landscape.


But we're not letting it impact your team's performance. Our course is the blueprint for your sales force's stress-free success.

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This isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Whether you’re up for a quick two-hour boost or a deep dive over a few sessions, we’ve got your back. Let’s chat and customize the stress mastery plan your high-performing team deserves.

Equip your sales force to conquer stress – because when they thrive, so does your business. Let’s make stress a thing of the past.

Because thriving under pressure is a game-changer in sales. Our course is tailored to equip high performers with strategic tools, ensuring they make better decisions and excel in high-pressure situations, ultimately boosting sales success.

Absolutely. Whether you’re a seasoned sales executive or a rising star, our course is designed to resonate with professionals at all levels. It’s about enhancing resilience and decision-making skills, crucial for success in sales.

No fluff, no filler. We cut to the chase. Our course is designed for straight-talking teams who want practical tools, not jargon. We focus on real-world scenarios and equip your team with actionable strategies to tackle stress head-on.

We get it – time is money. Choose between a power-packed half-day session or a more in-depth two-day experience. And yes, we’re all about customisation. Let’s chat about tailoring the course to fit your team’s unique needs.

Your team will walk away with a solid understanding of stress, practical techniques to manage it, and a heightened ability to recognise and address burnout. Expect a more resilient, focused, and motivated crew.

Easy. Just shoot us a message, and we’ll set up a chat. We’ll discuss your team’s specific needs, tailor the course accordingly, and get your crew on the path to stress-free success.

 Absolutely. Check out our testimonials page or drop us a line, and we’ll connect you with teams who’ve transformed their stress game with our course.

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